Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mnapi 1.1

Today I released a new version of my Mnesia API for Java and PHP. The main change is merging main code trunk with the Tokyo Cabinet branch and adding the ability to select storage type when creating a table. You can now choose one of the following:
* ram - for RAM only based storage,
* disc - for disc based storage with RAM copy of the table for improved performance (this is the default),
* disc_only - for disc only based storage (much slower, but uses a lot less memory),
* tokyo - for use with Tokyo Cabinet storage engine.
The API does not support table fragmentation and as for now I don't plan to introduce this feature (you can always use tokyo as a storage for data exceeding 2GB limit). But, since the library code is licensed under LGPL, you are free to extend it or modify it if you lack any feature.
You can get Mnapi 1.1 here.
Happy coding!

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