Monday, October 27, 2008

Clustering Kawa with Terracotta

In my recent post I described a method of building a cluster of JScheme instances using Terracotta object management system. I also prepared a small library for JScheme that makes using Terracotta in JScheme easy - it is LGPL licensed and free for download. Today I tried the same trick with Kawa, which is not only a full-featured Scheme implementation in Java, but also a complete framework for implementing other programming languages to run on Java platform. Knowing how to cluster JScheme, making Kawa work with Terracotta was a piece of cake.
First you start a Terracotta server. Then you run a Kawa shell through the following command:
java -Xbootclasspath/p:[terracotta boot jar] -Dtc.config=tc-config.xml -Dtc.install-root=[terracotta install dir] -jar kawa.jar
Just as with JScheme, boot jar is is a stub jar file that starts a Terracotta client before the main application and tc-config is a Terracotta configuration file (see the post about JScheme for details).
Next, you load the Terracotta library:
(load "kwtc.scm")
and define an object (for example an ArrayList) to share across the cluster:
(define ob (create-root "list" (make <java.util.ArrayList>)))
Now you can put values on the list:
(sync-write (lambda () (ob:add 1)) ob)
and read them back synchronously:
(sync-read (lambda () (ob:get 0)) ob))
or simply with:
(ob:get 0)
The library for Kawa can be downloaded from here.
Happy coding!

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