Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tiny TCP proxy server development continues

Two months ago I published a tiny TCP proxy server which helped me to proxy network traffic on hosts where I didn't have access to firewall configuration. Recently it turned out that it would be nice if it had at least some basic debugging capabilities. Because I'm not a big fan of reinventing the wheel, I decided I would just add an ability to cooperate with external tools through pipes and let them do the job. Thus the latest version of the proxy can pass all incoming and outgoing data through any command which can read it from the standard input and write it back to the standard output. For example if you want to log all incoming http data to in.txt file and outgoing data to out.txt you can use tee command for this purpose. It echoes all input and additionally writes it to a file:
proxy -l 8080 -h -p 80 -i "tee -a in.txt" -o "tee -a out.txt"
The software is LGPL v3 licensed and can be downloaded from Github. On Linux you can compile it with standard development tools, on Windows you will need Cygwin with gcc package installed first.

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